Online courses for dog owners & practitioners

Finding it difficult to get to training classes? Looking for ways to improve your dog training skills, or maybe even thinking of taking it up professionally? If so, you may want an online dog training course with a more formal structure, a start, middle and end – one that tests your understanding and progress en route.

Of the many, many online courses popping up every week, which one to choose? As with the free videos, Dog Coach Videos is reviewing them for you so we can link you to ones we feel reflect modern, humane and effective training – for both species.

Cyber Dog

Home schooling for hounds

Clicker-training experts offer an 8 week interactive course to teach your dog good manners. They recently added Start Smart, a short course for owners planning to follow up with live classes. And they offer a number of pet training webinars. Learn more ».

The Family Dog

The Family Dog

Want the perfect family dog?

The secret is it’s not just about training the dog. It’s about training the whole family. This unique online program helps everyone in the family understand their part in raising their dog the right way. Learn more »

Learn to Talk Dog

Sarah Whitehead

Discover the secrets of your dog's hidden language. For pet owners and professionals alike, the video tutorials are backed up with comment and interactive quizzes. Learn more »


Progressive Courses for Dog Practitioners

Offers a diploma in dog psychology as well as a course in emotional healing for dogs. Includes in-person study days but there's an option to replace with videos. Learn more »

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How to Train a Puppy icon

Ian Dunbar

Contains a phenomenal amount of content all online, including 4 books, 13 videos and 16 'behaviour blueprints' by a world renowned dog trainer. If you are looking for a truly in-depth set of tools taking you from puppy to adult dog training, this is the one for you! Learn more » icon


Train Your Dog Online

Sarah Whitehead

Teach your puppy or older dog the basics from the comfort of your own home with this excellent 4 week course. Includes videos and associated instructions. Learn more »

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Polite Puppy - beginner dog training class


Good programme for owners who are new to positive reinforcement / clicker training and have a puppy or recently adopted rescue.If you'd like your pup to become the perfect housemate, this course will show you how to prevent or resolve most common behaviour issues. Learn more »

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Fun Dog Tricks icon


Clicker train your dog to learn 8 cute tricks in this foundation course run by two highly qualified trainers. Learn more » icon